About MedAlb Institut

The Albanian Institute of Medicinal Plants – “MedAlb Institut” is a nonprofit national organization that was founded in July 31, 2012 by the decision of its founding group composed of farmers, agronomists, forest engineers, botanists, economists, biologists and conducts its activities to the entire territory of the Republic of Albania. Our vision is for MedAlb Institut to become an important researc, scientific and applicable center in Albania on medicinal plants sector and the sustainable management of other natural resources such as land, water, biodiversity and renewable energy, in order to contribute as for more sustainable and harmonious coexistence between people and nature in our country.

Latest Activities

Western Balkan Waste Solution International Congress

On 25.11.2017, on the third day of the International Scientific Congress on Integrated Waste Management "Western Balkan Waste Solution", on behalf of Medalb Institut, the study "Public Evaluation of [...]

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