Survey on Public Evaluation of Waste Management in Albania

The survey on public evaluation of waste management in Albania was realized by MedAlb Institut in October 2016 in order to come closer to the public on a heavily discussed problem at the time. This survey made it possible for the voice of the public to be heard on a national level and the results were sent to the Albanian parliament and government offices to let them know about the public opinion, suggestions and critics. The background information and the results of this survey were published on a 62 page booklet by MedAlb Institut on November 2016.

Survey on Public Perception of the Environment in Albania

The survey on public perception of the environment in Albania was the first of it’s kind to be realized in our country. It was realized during the months April-May 2015. It was made to give the Albanian public, the environmental organizations of the civil society, other Albanian and foreign institutions and agencies a material with statistical data on the interest the Albanian public shows on environmental issues, the level of information and knowledge they have on the actual environmental situation in Albania and their suggestions in improving the situation.