About MedAlb Institut

Albanian Institute of Medicinal Plants – “MedAlb Institut” is a nonprofit national organization that was founded in July 31, 2012 by the decision of its founding group composed of farmers, agronomists, forest engineers, botanists, economists, biologists and conducts its activities to the entire territory of the Republic of Albania.

Our vision is for MedAlb Institut to become an important research, scientific and applicable center in Albania on medicinal plants sector and the sustainable management of other natural resources such as land, water, biodiversity and renewable energy, in order to contribute as for a more sustainable and harmonious coexistence between people and nature in our country.

Our Mission

  • To perform and support research in medicinal plants sector concerning the types, species, subspecies, ecotypes of medicinal herbs, economic and environmental importance to them, their multiplication and cultivation, sustainable collection and biodiversity protection, conservation of rare species and those that are at risk of extinction.
  • To support and inspire each scientific research, manufacturing, processing and trade initiative of MAP products and their derivatives and groupings that provide a sustainable collection and management of their genetic resources.
  • To support the use of techniques and technologies that increase the quantity, quality and diversity of production and implementation of systems and best agricultural practices of cultivation by using firstly poor soils, steep and unproductive lands that are near their natural habitat.
  • To support and encourage the development and implementation of laws, policies, strategies, systems and practices that ensure the protection and sustainable management of natural resources of the country as land, water, biodiversity.
  • To contribute to the development and implementation of standards and certification systems for medicinal products that improve marketing of Albanian products, that realize sustainable development of this sector and a higher competitiveness in the market, in order to ensure an employment with an always increasing income to community and stakeholders involved in the value chain of medicinal herbs.
  • To encourage and support individuals, group of individuals, cooperatives or institutions to develop and implement projects related to the study, cultivation, collection and marketing of medicinal plants which are in compliance with the aims and objectives of “MedAlb Institut”.
  • To enter into agreements with the conventions, organizations, institutions and important donors in Albania and abroad in accordance with Albanian and international laws.

Albanian Institute of Medicinal Plants – MedAlb Institut
Rr. Shefqet Ndroqi Nr.185
Tirana, Albania
(+355) 68 228 0019


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