Cultivation of medicinal plants for supporting Roma and Egyptian farmers

Cultivation of medicinal plants for supporting Roma and Egyptian women farmers in Albania

Continuous support

Later on we continued our support in material form giving sage seedlings to more than 40 families which were planted on 8 acres of land.  With the continuous support of UNDP Albania, we have continued our training courses until June 15th, 2015 and have provided harvesting and drying equipment. Some of the families also received tillage machines as compensation for the plants destroyed by floods.


Training Courses

On 25 July 2014 we carried out the training course with Roma and Egyptian farmers in Otllak, Berat. Also this training course focused in two main topics: on sage cultivation technology and on application procedure for involved on state subvention schemes on medicinal plants. Many Roma and Egyptian farmers participated in this event. In total there were 40 people and 20 of them were women and girls.

Training Courses

On 23 July 2014 we realized first training course in Bucimas with participation of Egyptian farmers including women and girls of these communities. This training course focused on two main topics: 1- sage cultivation technology and 2- Application procedure for benefiting from state subvention scheme for farmers which cultivate medicinal plants in their farms. After training we visited one farm which had cultivated sage in Bucimas. In this training course participated in total 25 people and 13 of them were women and girls.

Feasibility Study

In the first phase, from 1-15 June 2014, MedAlb Institut realized a fast feasibility study related, in one part, to collect data and to do analyzes about plant production and climatic and soil conditions of four communes included in the project Novosela, Shushica, Otllak and Bucimas and, in other part, to collect data and to do analyzes about Roma and Egyptian communities there, related to their population, culture and tradition, gender relations, employment in agriculture, agricultural land ownership, land cultivation, medicinal plants cultivation and collection, farm management etc. Also through this study we identified best farmers experiences in each commune on sage cultivation.

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