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Other activities organized by the Albanian Institute of Medicinal Plants – MedAlb Institut

Western Balkan Waste Solution International Congress

On 25.11.2017, on the third day of the International Scientific Congress on Integrated Waste Management “Western Balkan Waste Solution”, on behalf of Medalb Institut, the study “Public Evaluation of Waste Management in Albania” was presented.

The presentation was conducted by Mr. Ani Ahmetaj, Leader of MedAlb Institut’s Youth Department. It was attended and followed closely by many delegates and attendees in the congress.

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MedAlb Institut’s activity for raising awareness on World Environment Day

June 5, each year is set to be celebrated as the World Environment Day. During this day, all over the world, citizens, environmentalists, scientists, governmental organizations, civil society, environmental organizations and various institutions carry out various activities and actions to raise the awareness about the various environmental problems that endanger the planet.

Land, water and air pollution, indiscriminate use of natural resources, the impact of climate change, erosion and desertion of the land, forest and natural landscape destruction and more are not only a sharp problem, but also a global priority.

MedAlb Institut has also joined the global environmental movement. Our staff departed from the office early in the morning to head to the premises of the High School of Professional Education in Kamez. There we held meetings and conversations with pupils and teachers of this school about environmental issues we are faced today.

MedAlb Institut donated some books for pupils of this school about the growing medicinal herbs that are collected in our country.

Also, we visited the territory where some types of medicinal herbs such as sage, rosemary, laurel, etc. are collected. But it would be impossible for the flowers and the bees, which serve as a biological indicator for a better, cleaner, healthier and more environment available to all, for present and future generations of Albania to be missing on this day.

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Survey on Public Evaluation of Waste Management in Albania

During the past month, MedAlb Institut has realized a survey on public evaluation of waste management in Albania in order to come closer to the public on a heavily discussed problem. This survey made it possible for the voice of the public to be heard on a national level and the results were sent to the Albanian parliament and government offices to let them know about the public opinion, suggestions and critics.

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4 Year Anniversary

July 31st is the birthday of MedAlb Institut. From the day of our establishment on July 31, 2012, our organization has grown and developed further. Members, sympathizers and supporters have increased. Its activity has expanded both inside and outside the country’s territory. Its structures have been further strengthened.

Our vision is for MedAlb Institut to become an important research center, scientific and applicable in Albania on medicinal plants sector and the sustainable management of other natural resources such as land, water and biodiversity, in order to contribute as for a more sustainable and harmonious coexistence between people and nature in our country.

The mission of the Medalb Institut is to perform and support research in medicinal plants sector concerning the types, species, subspecies, ecotypes of medicinal herbs, economic and environmental importance to them, their multiplication and cultivation, sustainable collection and biodiversity protection, conservation of rare species and those that are at risk of extinction. To support the use of techniques and technologies that increase the quantity, quality and diversity of production and implementation of systems and best agricultural practices of cultivation by using firstly poor soils, steep and unproductive lands that are near their natural habitat.

Albania has a marvelous nature, wonderful landscape, very good climate, prominent biological variety as well as a wealth of natural and genetic resources.

It is the duty of all of us to work with dedication and accountability for Albania, to develop and advance its everlasting nature and its beauties, to keep it pristine for centuries so that its natural and genetic resources be used and exploited in a sustainable manner to the best of its present and future generations.

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World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

June 17 is the World Day to Combat Desertification and Land Degradation.

The UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), of which Albania is also a member, has decided to declare the worldwide celebration of this symbolic day in order to raise awareness of all governments, institutions, organizations and citizens worlds for the protection of the earth, which is the greatest asset of our planet.

The land has been damaged and continues to be heavily damaged due to two main factors: unfavorable climate conditions and harmful human activity. So today the appeal for everyone is to do everything for the protection of the earth, for both today’s and future generations of the globe.

In the framework of this day’s celebration, MedAlb Institut and Bioplant Albania organized the planting of several trees in the Sharri Landfill facilities, Tirana.

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Celebration of World Environment Day

In the framework of the celebration of World Environment Day – June 5, 2016 we traveled from MedAlb Institut office in Tirana, to the Morning Stone in Shishtavec, Kukes, at the height of 2000 m above sea level. MedAlb Institut joined a group of environmental associations of Albania that organized a joint activity in Shishtavec, Kukes.

This year’s slogan for the celebration of this day was “To Join All for a Better Environment”. This activity brought together civilians, environmentalists and civil society representatives from both Albania and Kosovo.

Kukes area in general and that of Shishtavec in particular, is remarkable for a very beautiful natural landscape and for a rich biodiversity. Here is also the habitat where we can find the royal plant of our mountains, Gentiana Lutea, the plant which also represents the logo of MedAlb Institut.

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National Congress of Albanian Medicinal Herbs and Aromatic Herbs

Today, with the support of the USAID office in Albania, the National Congress of Albanian Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs was organized in Tirana.

The congress was attended by the USAID Mission Representative in Albania, Marcus Johnson and the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Management, Edmond Panariti, who highlighted the investments, achievements, successes, problems and opportunities that our country has for the successful development of this important sector and the increase of the export of medicinal and aromatic herbs.

In this congress, the President of the Albanian Institute of Medicinal Plants – “MedAlb Institute” Mr. Luan Ahmetaj, also participated and discussed.

In his speech to the audience, Mr. Ahmetaj underlined the importance and the great medical, environmental and economic values ​​that medicinal and aromatic plants have, their great values ​​and services in the ecosystem, as a very important part of biodiversity, both exploiting and furnishing unproductive and eroded lands, their value in the medical, pharmacy and culinary industries, as well as the employment of the rural community, the increase of the families’ income and the contribution they make to the growth and strengthening of the country’s economy.

Mr. Ahmetaj also presented the great role of the education of the actors of the medicinal herbs value chain, the continuous monitoring of the collection and cultivation processes as well as the quality certification of the products and by-products obtained from them.

At the end of his discussion Mr. Ahmetaj stressed the imperative that they have:

  1. The principle of monitoring the growth and spread of medicinal and aromatic herbs as well as of the surfaces that are planted with these plants, the inventorization of them.
  2. The construction and implementation of the tractability system of the origin of products and by-products obtained from medical and aromatic plants in our country.
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Awareness campaign organized by “Friends of Vjosa” with the support of RiverWatch and EuroNatur.

MedAlb Institut has joined the awareness campaign that was organized by the environmental group Friends of Vjosa with the support of the international environmental partners RiverWatch and EuroNatur.

Medalb Institut has also joined the protests of community residents living on both sides of this riverbed, organized in Pocem, Kute and Kalivac, as well as in front of the Pyramid and Prime Minister’s Office in Tirana.

Vjosa is the only wild river remaining in Europe, with a length of 270 km, with a diverse ecosystem, with amazing landscape views, wonderful canyons along its stream and rich biodiversity.

The Vjosa River can be used for the development of ecotourism, agrotourism, organic agriculture, adventure sports, summer camping with local and foreign tourists. Also the surrounding area consists of beautiful forests and rich and fertile soils that serve for the development of agriculture, fruit crops, livestock, medicinal herbs etc.

Starting from the great values ​​of this river and the areas throughout its reach, environmentalists, local and foreign environmental organizations, residents and communities working and living in these areas have expressed their great anger and have decided to say NO to the unjust, unpublished and unacceptable decision of the Albanian government for the construction of Pocem Hydro Power Plant.

The protest against HPP construction in Vjosa has been joined by many representatives of local government, members of the Albanian Parliament and representatives of international institutions and the European Parliament.

On May 22, the World Day of Biodiversity Conservation, the protest against the construction of the HPPs on Vjose was also joined by the Deputy Speaker of the European Parliament, Lunacek.

The Government should reflect and draw its decision to build a HPP over the Vjose River in Pocem!

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