July 31st is the birthday of MedAlb Institut. From the day of our establishment on July 31, 2012, our organization has grown and developed further. Members, sympathizers and supporters have increased. Its activity has expanded both inside and outside the country’s territory. Its structures have been further strengthened.

Our vision is for MedAlb Institut to become an important research center, scientific and applicable in Albania on medicinal plants sector and the sustainable management of other natural resources such as land, water and biodiversity, in order to contribute as for a more sustainable and harmonious coexistence between people and nature in our country.

The mission of the Medalb Institut is to perform and support research in medicinal plants sector concerning the types, species, subspecies, ecotypes of medicinal herbs, economic and environmental importance to them, their multiplication and cultivation, sustainable collection and biodiversity protection, conservation of rare species and those that are at risk of extinction. To support the use of techniques and technologies that increase the quantity, quality and diversity of production and implementation of systems and best agricultural practices of cultivation by using firstly poor soils, steep and unproductive lands that are near their natural habitat.

Albania has a marvelous nature, wonderful landscape, very good climate, prominent biological variety as well as a wealth of natural and genetic resources.

It is the duty of all of us to work with dedication and accountability for Albania, to develop and advance its everlasting nature and its beauties, to keep it pristine for centuries so that its natural and genetic resources be used and exploited in a sustainable manner to the best of its present and future generations.