On the first day of the training, on February 20, our project staff conducted two meetings and discussion sessions with students and teachers of the Gramsh Primary School as well as with the staff of the Forestry Directorate and the Municipality of Gramshi on the management of forest ecosystems. It was a very useful meeting for students and youth involvement as well as Gramshi Municipality representatives on forest management training problems and the implementation of the forest moratorium.

On February 21, 2017, we conducted in Gramsh the second day of training with the topic: “Management of forest ecosystems”. It was attended by 22 people: farmers, experts, forestry engineers, forestry directorate and Gramsh Municipality.

This training was realized in the form of a conversation between the participants and the project staff. Participants of the event showed great interest on project issues, questioned and gave their opinions and suggestions on forest management and implementation of the moratorium. An important factor is to draft and prepare plans and strategies for forest management, which will be implemented by the municipal structures. Participants in this activity also discussed forest damages from illegal logging of trees and problems with the respecting of the moratorium