During the period of time 1 May – 31 July 2014 we have carried out training courses for women and girls on sage cultivation technology. These training courses are realized separately with women and girls farmers by family conditioned from specific circumstances of these families. In total  50 women and girls farmers of families in vengeance were trained.

RDP carried out a 3 days training course with its beneficiary organizations in Rozafa, Shkodra in dates 17, 18 June 2014 and a study tour day on three beneficiary organizations involved and realized visits on the fields planted with sage in Gruemire, Koplik and in MAPs collecting store of Mr. Ramadan Likaj in Koplik Municipality.

We have also realized other training courses by family with women and girls farmers , beneficiaries of our project, related to sage harvesting, drying, transport, storage and marketing.